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Grading Breakdown

Component Due Date % Project Grade
Proposal Oct. 7 10%
10-minute proposal presentation Oct. 7 10%
Informal progress updates Throughout 10%
Formal progress report Nov. 16 20%
25-minute final presentation Dec. 9-16 15%
Final report End of Term 35%

Proposal Instructions

The proposal for this project is very important, as it provides me with an understanding of what you hope to accomplish, and how you plan to accomplish it. To this end, the proposal should have the following structure:

In total, I expect that your proposal will be approximately 3-5 pages in length. However, this is just a guideline, and you will not be penalized for writing a more detailed proposal. Overall clarity of presentation is much more important than page limits!

Progress Report Instructions

The progress report should be a semi-formal write up describing your research to date. Have you proven any theorems? Developed any code? Configured a testbed? Have you made significant progress reading and characterizing background literature? In this writeup, you should address each task and deliverable mentioned in your proposal and describe your progress to date. In particular, address each of the following points:

In total, I expect that your progress report will be 3-5 pages in length. However, if you have made fantastic progress and feel that you need more space to describe your acheivements, please take as much space as is needed! A well written progress report will serve as a good starting point for your final project write up.